How did all this start? Well the truth is a bottle of port goes a long way! 


A night here, a dog there, several house moves later & half the globe traveled together we end up right here....


Somethings just fit together like they always were and never where separate. That’s how we are and have been ever since.. Yuk... Sickening we know!


We packed our brains full of all the information we could muster on our endless spread of career slaying and now wrap this knowledge up in one neat little package we call Node Industries. 


Our arsenal is filled to the rafters with countless Travel & Tourism marketing. We design everything from flawless website, social media campaigns, awe inspiring content creation, we effortlessly build and implement full scale ecommerce platforms, take photography to the next level and leave you with unforgettable user experience.


At Node we have connected all the dots so you don’t have too. We have tried and tested every digital media platform you could imagine. From this we build rock solid design plans to suit any application that will withstand the test of time. 


Dive in and let us unleash all your creative dreams.  


In an online world, with an ocean of choice, It’s all too easy to blend into the background. So how do you stand out from your competitors? 


At Node we say BE BOLD! 


We believe the best thing for us to do is to understand your business & get the low-down from you on how you want to see your brand grow. We’ll take a squizz at your current marketing plan & put together a strategy that will make you POP! 

Lets show off all of your wins & let your potential customers see what you do well.. more importantly what you can do well for them! At Node Industries we encourage a show off! 


We get that running a business or creating a brand is a busy job, so you may not get the time to focus on all the marketing mumbo jumbo.. this is where we will get our hands dirty for you.


If you need us weekly or want to keep it casual, thats fine by us. We won’t get clingy,  but we will be there when you need us.











There are some images that just stick with you. Those that jump to mind when thinking of something you need or want, I guess what we are saying is never underestimate the power of an awesome company image.


Don’t let the words Graphic Design scare you, even the small stuff when creating your brand is equally as important as the big stuff. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.


We love to create! We love to design!

We love to see your visions come to life & we are just the people to make this happen.


We won’t charge you an arm or a leg to create the perfect logo that represents who you want be. We will get as carried away as you would like, whilst working with you each step of the way & don’t take an eternity to make it happen. 

So what are we good at?:

Identity Rebranded

Logo Creation

Packaging Design

All scale Business Signage 

Point of Sales



Stationary, Business Cards,

Email Signatures, Letterheads

and much more




Business marketing through various Online Social Media platforms is fast becoming the first way people interact with your business..


 Your company & your brand should capture it’s audience within the first 5 seconds of engagement. If you miss the opportunity to hook your clientele within this crucial first impression, gaining the attention of your target audience will become almost impossible.


Node Industries understands how important applying the new rules of engagement to your marketing strategy is to helping your business grow through its online presence.

We supply businesses who do not have the time, the knowledge or a have a dedicated social media manager a comprehensive marketing plan to increase your online presence which in turn increases your client base allowing your business to grow.


Your online “face” is the new face of your business, in a digital world you’re only as good as your last post so make everything count! Timing, imagery, language & content is everything.  We take care of the ground work to free you up to build your empire.